Board of Directors


 Unified Missions Foundation (UMF) was founded by Trang Vu and formed as a non-profit to address some of the "gaps" in services and supports for victims of human trafficking.

My desire to want to help victims of human trafficking was sparked while I resided in Southern California in the early 2000‘s. I came across a troubled young woman who confided in me and decided to share her story. As we sat and talked she revealed the shame and embarrassment she felt for living the life style she lead. She expressed to me that she wanted to do and be better, but didn’t know where to begin. After listening to her story and several others, I came to realize that there are many more victims out there in the same or similar situation; wanting to change but not knowing where to start. Therefore, I decided I wanted to be the one to start filling in the gaps by providing resources to them to start a new chapter in their lives.  


My passion to help others occurred when I witnessed alcohol/drug/physical abuse within my environment.  

Having witnessed the daily struggles of the abusers and the abused, I came to two realizations.  1 - I never wanted to be either of those people. 2 - I wanted to be able to help those people realize that there is a better future out there.  I wanted to make a difference in peoples lives by helping friends get back on their feet, serving in the military not only as a service member but also as a mentor, and now finally finding my place with Unified Missions Foundation.


 Elizabeth Schlankey is a Senior Portfolio Analyst and an Unfranchised owner that has been apart of the financial mortgage industry for over 10 years.  She has help many companies enhance and develop their reporting, as well as lead high visibility projects to ensure efficiency and completion.  Elizabeth enjoys several past times such as traveling, tennis, gardening, cooking, crafts and spending time with her beautiful family.  



"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it" - Winston Churchill

This is Heather's favorite quote because it is so telling. You must be willing to write your story if you want to be proud of the legacy you leave.

Heather has been actively involved as a volunteer in the human trafficking area since 2010. After moving back to Dallas, she had not yet found a group to join and then she met JoAnn.

She witnessed horrible acts as a young child but didn't fully understand them until adulthood and that was when she knew she needed to help. Heather wants to actively take a stand and be a resource for those in need and that is what we are doing here at UMF!

By day she is the Global Director of Business Continuity for a large software services organization. She enjoys travel, meeting new people and spending time with those I consider family.


Ryan has worked for the Federal Government for over 14 years.  He enjoys reading, spending time with family, and participating in outdoor activities.   



Michael S. Martinez is a founding shareholder of Martinez Hsu, P.C. He is a graduate of Texas Tech University School of Law and is admitted to practice in both Texas and the Northern District of Texas.

Prior to founding Martinez Hsu, P.C., Michael was a member of a law firm in Midland, Texas where he focused his practice on civil litigation and concentrated on oil and gas litigation. After leaving Midland, Michael founded Martinez Hsu, P.C. with a colleague, An Lee Hsu.  

Michael’s practice is focused on commercial litigation and he focuses on working small to medium sized companies. Michael is lead corporate counsel for various types of companies ranging from Oil & Gas companies to restaurants to computer software companies and even trucking companies. His blend of legal knowledge and personal attention to clients is what separates him from other attorneys.  Additionally, Michael is also a member of the Texas Tech Executive Alumni Board and regularly volunteers his time to the law school.